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A letter from our CEO

I started my first business when I was 25 years old, it was a small business but I always had a bigger vision. Today I run a successful real estate investment company and have surrounded myself with great partners or as I like to call them visionaries who share my long term goals. As this is our first newsletter I thought it would be a great idea to approach you directly and share my future plans. I have a hard working, trust worthy team at YASONS Inc. who share my ambitions and work diligently every day to reach our short and long term goals.

Here at YASONS Inc. we currently manage a portfolio of commercial, industrial and residential properties, but our prime focus is on Real Estate Development. This is what we do best! This process begins at the land acquisition and ends at managing fully occupied developed property. Although this is a long process I assure you we do it well and have had great success over the last few years.

Our Vision here at YASONS Inc. is to run with what we do best, and that means that although we look forward to acquiring income producing properties and managing them for our partners, in 2017 our focus will be on land acquisition so over the coming years we can cater to the industrial demand in the city of Houston.

I look forward to connecting with each one of you and grow my network of friends, partners and fellow visionaries.

"All roads that lead to success have to pass through Hard Work Boulevard at some point" (Unknown)

Hamza Ali

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