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I Dreamt it, Then I Built it!

When I moved to Houston, Texas in December 2014, I searched for the opportunity to buy some commercial real estate that my newly founded company could manage locally. I quickly learned that everything I desired in an investment property was either out of my price range or simply did not generate enough cash flow.... I still kept looking for an opportunity to present itself to me, always feeling optimistic about what the future would hold. Then I met someone who inspired me and told me " just buy a piece land and build exactly what you want" as if it were no big deal.So, that's exactly what I did. I managed to negotiate an excellent deal on a piece of land in the west of Houston where I began construction in late 2015. It had taken me over a year to decide exactly what I wanted to build and pull the correct permits for the city. Only the challenges of physical construction lay ahead of me! That would be the easy part I kept saying to myself, truly believing that the hard part was behind me.The construction phase was indeed the most challenging part of the project. I was always on site managing contractors, suppliers, deliveries; it was like being the conductor of a musical. Every task was artfully integrated and flowed musically to create the synergetic effect on ground. Although some days were like a military exercise, most were harmonic!I can now safely say after facing all the challenges of building a dream investment property, I am now ready for the next one!

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