Flex Space Untapped - Member Workshop

August 29, 2023

All Day

Hamza Ali and team are hosting an in person full day workshop for a select few Flex Space Untapped members. Members will get to analyze deals live, hear from experts in the field and get their questions answered by Hamza.


Flex Space Connect

November 16, 2023

8:00 AM

Flex Space Connect is no ordinary conference. With a focus on the number one segment in real estate, FSC brings the industry’s experts together to showcase how anyone can find, build, and scale their own flex space development. Learn the ropes from those who have already climbed them. Hosted by Hamza Ali of Hamza Invests, and joined by leading experts in the field, this conference is tailored towards those looking to expand their skillsets, portfolios, and start their most lucrative chapter yet. For every one of your questions, FSC has answers. The opportunity you’ve been waiting for has arrived.